Eureka Zenith 65 E HS

The Eureka Zenith might just be the perfect on demand grinder for an office.

Functionally, it is simple and largely effortless. The patented grind setting adjustment knob sits sensibly on the top of the grinder. There are two preset dose options easily tuned with the +/- buttons in 0.05 second increments. Set up is uncomplicated and intuitive.

The porta-filter cradle adjusts to suit different handle sizes and is illuminated by an LED. The burrs are titanium and will last a thousand kilos. And it is seriously quick.

  • Die Cast Aluminium
  • Stepless Micrometric Regulation System
  • Anti Clumping and Electrostatic System
  • Easy Set up
  • Available colours : Black , White
  • Available hopper sizes : 1.4kg, 300g
  • 593mm x 232mm x 264mm
  • $1316 + gst