Eureka Atom

In the crowded world of on demand grinders, Eureka has gone close to differentiating itself from the competition with the release of the Atom. In keeping with the Mythos, the design is bold but utterly functional and the performance impressive.

The burrs have been engineered to allow for performance. Despite their modest diameter of 60 mm, the grinder will grind 20 grams in 7 seconds. Micrometric grind adjustment is via the responsive and patented adjustment knob standard on all Eureka grinders. Static is largely non-existent and clumping has been eliminated. The digital display allows for programmable and continuous grinding and the ability to pause during the grind. Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of the Atom though is how little noise it makes. It is remarkably quiet with a silent performance welcome in any home or office.

  • Cast aluminium body
  • Silent performance
  • Digital display
  • Anti static, anti clumping
  • 440 mm x 180 mm x 227mm
  • $1422 ex gst