Ethical coffee

The approach behind our blends is simple.

We use high quality Arabica beans to create coffee that has good clean flavour, fine aromatics, body and aftertaste and we roast the coffee locally to ensure freshness. We understand the nuances of office coffee machines and our blends are built to reflect and accommodate for those characteristics.

We adopt a fastidious approach to the entire coffee chain, from the sourcing of coffee at origin through to the roasting of the coffee beans. This attention to detail guarantees the quality of coffee we supply is simply great.

We carefully select green beans from a host of premium coffee estates. We sample roast each origin and cup each batch to ensure the desired attributes of acidity, body, sweetness and flavour are all present.

Our blends are assembled to reflect those preferred characteristics from each origin and the roast is profiled to guarantee that each batch of beans is uniform, consistent and replicable.

Our roaster is a coffee fanatic. He is completely dedicated to his craft and adopts a hands-on approach to every aspect of bean to cup. He has literally built the roasterie from the ground up.

Our coffee is roasted on a state of the art customized roaster. Its remarkable thermal properties together with computerized roast profiling guarantee both the integrity of the roast and the consistency.

Our roaster oversees every batch from blending to roasting to packaging and dispatching. His fastidious approach and commitment to excellence has been rewarded with numerous medals at a host of prestigious roasting competitions.

Taking control of the selection of beans, the creation of blends and the entire roast process ensures we have the freshest and best coffee beans available.