Whatever you think about their capsules, Nespresso is quite a remarkable company. The resources that they commit to build brand awareness is overwhelming and the ability of competitors to take meaningful market share away from them is incredibly challenging.

Nespresso is a textbook when it comes to behavioural economics, utilising a host of theories to acquire and retain customers. The Melbourne Business School happily declare that in their 2017 Nespresso Sustainability Challenge competition winning submission. After all, who else but Nespresso would invite the world’s leading business schools to co-create sustainability solutions ? “Borrowing from nudge theory and behavioural economics, the MBS team’s winning idea focused on tweaking the company’s existing coffee-pod-disposal and other sustainability programs to get more buy-in from customers and Nespresso staff.”

The reception at MBS has a giant screen proudly celebrating the win and the breakout area now has giant Nespresso machines that join the celebration.

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