Nuova Prontobar

Nuova Simonelli Prontobar

The Prontobar is an excellent mid range automatic coffee machine designed for use in offices of up to 75 staff.

It borrows heavily from the entry level Microbar incorporating both a heated metal brewing group and twin stainless steel boilers. Unique in the mid range category, these components ensure an enhanced extraction and drier steam to produce better coffee.

As in a traditional machine, the Prontobar grinds the beans, and pre-infuses to maximize extraction and flavour. The touch pad allows for a host of programmable one touch drinks. Milk can be steamed with either the auto-frother or manual steam arm and the resultant dry steam produces a tight micro-foam.

The Prontobar brewing group is teflon coated and the brewer motor quick and quiet. Milk texture can be varied to suit individual drink selection and the machine can be programmed to rinse the delivery unit after each coffee minimizing blockages. The Prontobar truly is the complete automatic coffee machine for a mid-sized office.

  • Heated metal brewing group for enhanced extraction
  • Twin stainless steel boilers – dry steam for improved milk texturing
  • Intelligent modular design – easy access to brewer,boilers and solenoid valve console
  • Tank (5 litre ) or plumbed versions available with option to drain to external waste
  • Comprehensive and fully customizable drink design
  • Compact footprint 330mm ( w ) x 520mm ( d ) x 600mm (h )
  • Rent from $55+ weekly

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