Mini Bar

The Mini Bar is a super-automatic ideal for large offices demanding bells, whistles and good coffee.

The Mini bar makes a host of drinks including the mandatory chocolate

The milk texture is exceptional and the self-cleaning function a godsend. Compact, elegant and perfectly priced.

  • Coffee machine + Milk Fridge
  • Advised daily output 200 +cups
  • Water tank capacity 4L Tank or Plumbed
  • Beans hopper capacity 1000 g
  • Chocolate hopper 1000g
  • Power x 10 amp (machine +fridge)
  • Coffee machine : 340m(W) x 546mm (D) x610mm (H)
  • Fridge: (W) x 365mm (D) x 406mm (H)495
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Drink Option: Latte cappuccino Macchiato long black espresso hot milk and hot water moca and chocolate
  • Rent from $55+ weekly

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