Kalerm Coffee machine + Milk Fridge

High-speed milk Capable of producing 60-120 cups of barista-quality coffee per hour,  will make all the coffee you require. The coffee machine uses fresh milk and fresh coffee beans, it’s fully automatic, compact and has large-capacity water and bean containers. Simply make a 8 to1 6 selection using the wide graphics display and user-friendly interface and let the machine do the rest, This package Includes Coffee Machine and Milk Fridge or Milk Steamer.

Key Features

  • One touch Cappuccino / Coffee Latte/ Espresso/Long coffee beverage, no need to move cup;
  • Patented brew unit system with auto-clean function;
  • New milk frother unit with double milk spouts and with auto-clean function;
  • Intelligent PCBA control system with fault warning and information reminding function;
  • 1000g large capacity coffee bean container;
  • 6L big water tank for special occasions;
  • Auto fill-in water system with hose to connect water barrel;
  • 35 pcs large capacity coffee cake container;
  • 2L large capacity waste water tray.
  • Rent from $35 per week
  • No minimum order
  • Free coffee delivery
  • Free servicing

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