Carimali Optima

Carimali Optima

Carimali has been making coffee machines since 1919. They are one of the few companies in the world manufacturing both traditional and automatic machines and are well placed to integrate the fundamentals of espresso coffee into the workings of an automatic coffee machine.

The Optima is a heavy-duty coffee machine designed for use in offices that make 150+ cups daily. It is state of the art and includes a TFT display, energy efficient operation using MaxSave patented technology, computer-based programming for customized parameter setting and operational sensing.

Like the Armonia, it has a thermally regulated stainless steel brewing group and twin stainless steel boilers to ensure excellent extraction. Coffee temperature, milk temperature and texture are all programmable to enable the user to create any drink. Milk line blockages are eliminated with a flush of steam after each coffee. Cleaning is simple and the PowerCleaner integrates rinsing through the complete milk circuit to maximize hygiene. The Optima will satisfy the demands of discerning offices looking for great coffee.

  • Stainless steel brewing group and boilers
  • Milk pump for precise control of drink design
  • Rotary pump
  • 64mm flat burr grinder
  • Reduced milk line blockages with auto steam flush
  • Optional canister module available for chocolate
  • 18 month warranty
  • 324mm x 560mm x 814mm
  • Retail price $10,048 ex gst
  • 3 year monthly rental $350 ex gst

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