Carimali Mya

Carimali Mya

Carimali has been making coffee machines since 1919. They are one of the few companies in the world manufacturing both traditional and automatic machines and are well placed to integrate the fundamentals of espresso coffee into the mechanics of an automatic machine.

The MYA is the synthesis of that relationship. It is an automatic coffee machine built on the chassis of a traditional coffee machine. By utilizing the simplicity of traditional machine geometry, it is able to cater for large volumes of coffee. And, by reducing the complexities of conventional automatic machines, it is remarkably reliable and remarkably well priced.

The MYA is compact and ideal for environments with limited space. The bean hopper sits above the machine removed from the boiler’s heat. The steam boiler is a massive 4 litres ensuring heady volumes of dry steam and rapid recovery. Coffee temperature, milk temperature and texture are all programmable to enable the user to create any drink and the optional steam arm allows the user full manual control. The MYA is a high end coffee machine ideal for busy offices with consumption of 150+ cups per day.

  • Stainless steel brewing group and copper boiler
  • Milk pump for precise control of beverage temperature
  • 64mm flat blade grinder
  • Rotary pump
  • Programmed steam flush after each beverage to minimise blockages
  • 18 month warranty
  • 285mm x 564mm x 814mm
  • Retail price $8060 ex gst
  • 3 year monthly rental $290 ex gst

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