Capsules Part 6

It’s hard not to love George Clooney. Not only is he Hollywood Royalty, he is also a serious activist, philanthropist and entrepreneur. In a way he’s somewhat Sinatra-esque with everyone wanting a piece of him. Including Nespresso, although not as much as they used to.

Nespresso has read the zeitgeist and capsules overflowing landfill don’t resonate as much as they used to. So Nespresso has become green – and they are trumpeting their sustainability credentials. They commit to recycling their capsules, provided you deliver them back to their collection points. Easier said than done.

Nespresso know how to do a boutique. Here’s one in Lisbon with a display of capsules arranged in classic Portuguese tile pattern. You’ll also note the ‘Recycle’ display and a tree. Subtle.

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