Water Filtration

Water quality is critical to the performance of a coffee machine. The correct balance of minerals is essential to optimise flavour and to eliminate the problems of scale and degeneration.

Not all water filters are created equal. BWT is Europe’s leading water treatment group and provides a range of filtration options for coffee machines.

Prior to installation, we conduct a hardness test to analyse water composition and determine the correct filter and setting. During use, we monitor consumption and replace the filters when capacity is reached. Our attention to detail allows your coffee machine to work better for longer.

  • The BWT bestmax Premium filter is designed for use in machines with copper boilers and yields a magnesium enriched water that allows the machine to express the full taste of coffee.
  • The BWT bestprotect is formulated for machines with stainless steel boilers. It maintains a constant pH value and prevents corrosion afflicting the boiler and welds.
  • The BWT bestsave is a material pad designed for eliminating limescale in tanked coffee machines. It is strongly recommended for office coffee and pod machines that incorporate thermo-blocks.