Planetary Design Airscape Lite

The AirScape by Planetary Design of the U.S. is a new container that significantly advances preservation and freshness in coffee storage. The common wisdom of storage in an airtight container ignores the chemistry of air trapped in the container when the lid is closed. That “stale“ air is sealed in the environment of coffee accelerating the staling of the beans.

The AirScape overcomes this design failing by forcing air from the container as the inner lid is pressed down. The lid has a one-way valve allowing air to be evacuated but preventing air from entering. The lid locks in position and a top lid provides an additional layer of protection.

The AirScape Lite Large will accommodate a kilo of coffee beans. It is durable, scratch resistant and the body dishwasher safe. It’s an easy way to make your coffee taste better.

Retail price $50 ex gst