5 to 50 Staff

F11 coffee machine + Milk Fridge

The F11  is a new generation automatic that incorporates contemporary styling and technology in a remarkably easy coffee machine.

The simplicity of mechanics eliminates many of the problems afflicting more complex machines making the F11 range reliable and a joy to use.

Rent $34 Per week 

50-100+ Staff

Minibar + Milk Fridge

The Minibar makes some of the world’s best coffee machines and have been suppliers to the World Barista Championships for a decade.

That commitment to excellence is found in their mid-range automatics and the evolving Prontobar is another beautiful example of Italian engineering. Incorporating a full metal brewing group and rotary pump, the Prontobar produces seriously good coffee and performs effortlessly in a medium to large office.

Rent  $55 Per Week

100-200+ Staff

HLF 2700 + Milk Fridge

The HLF 2700 is a super-automatic ideal for large offices demanding bells, whistles and good coffee.

The HLF makes a host of drinks including the mandatory chocolate and chai. The milk texture is exceptional and the self-cleaning function a godsend. Compact, elegant and perfectly priced.

Rent $75  Per Week

So, Why Espressohead ?

Simple really. We supply terrific coffee machines and make sure they work.
And we provide great coffee and do it all at a price that will make you and your finance manager smile.
That’s why.

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