5 to 50 Staff

F11 coffee machine + Milk Fridge

The F11  is a new generation automatic that incorporates contemporary styling and technology in a remarkably easy coffee machine.

The simplicity of mechanics eliminates many of the problems afflicting more complex machines making the F11 range reliable and a joy to use.

Rent $34 Per week 

50-100+ Staff

Minibar + Milk Fridge

The Minibar makes some of the world’s best coffee machines and have been suppliers to the World Barista Championships for a decade.

That commitment to excellence is found in their mid-range automatics and the evolving Prontobar is another beautiful example of Italian engineering. Incorporating a full metal brewing group and rotary pump, the Prontobar produces seriously good coffee and performs effortlessly in a medium to large office.

Rent  $55 Per Week

100-200+ Staff

HLF 2700 + Milk Fridge

The HLF 2700 is a super-automatic ideal for large offices demanding bells, whistles and good coffee.

The HLF makes a host of drinks including the mandatory chocolate and chai. The milk texture is exceptional and the self-cleaning function a godsend. Compact, elegant and perfectly priced.

Rent $75  Per Week

So, Why Espressohead ?

We buy our coffee from coffee farms that advocate fair terms of use and use sustainable farming methods. We assist them in purchasing agricultural equipment and help employees to form cooperatives through which they sell the coffee. Our Farmer to Cup approach means that we take responsibility for cultivating the sources and ways of growing the beans, preserving the environment, specializing in sub-varieties, ensuring fair trade, and maintaining direct and personal contact with farmers and producers.

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