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    Starbucks – Milan

    Whatever you think about Starbucks coffee, you have to hand it to Howard Schultz. The founder and CEO of Starbucks coffee, set to commence operations in Milan at the end of 2018 has chosen Palazzo Delle Poste on Piazza Cordusio as the site of his first European Roastery. A beautiful turn of the 19th Century....

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    Buenos Aires

    Buenos Aires is a physically beautiful and culturally rich city strongly influenced by decades of European migration. Argentinians embrace café society where hours are passed in animated political discussion and pensive reading. In headier days, before corruption, mismanagement and all the other ills that typically afflict South American industry, Argentina actually manufactured coffee machines. Unfortunately,....

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    The growth of the coffee capsule market in the last two decades has been meteoric. Nespresso presciently identified the potential of the market and was the first global player to dedicate the R&D and marketing resources to exploit that potential. The numbers are now astonishing with Nespresso selling 6 billion capsules last year.The U.S. market...

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    Starbucks is a global coffee behemoth. One of the world’s most recognized brands, its stores can be found in hundreds of countries and importantly thousands of airports; great if you are looking for Wi Fi and comfortable chair. CEO Howard Schultz was inspired after a trip to Italy in 1983 where he fell in love...

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  • Vale Renato Bialetti

    Renato Bialetti, the man responsible for the remarkable success of the Moka Express died on February 11, in Ascona, Switzerland. The Moka was invented by Renato’s father, Alfonso in 1933. Mussolini had blocked imports of stainless steel into Fascist Italy and so the Moka, a celebration of Art Deco inspired design was created from aluminium and....

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    Host 2015

    HOST is the world’s largest hospitality equipment, coffee and food fair. It is held in Milan every 2 years and attracts thousands of exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of visitors. There were reported to have been 650,000 this year and when combined with the visitors to EXPO 2015 meant foot traffic chaos. Italians are inherently....

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    Italian Coffee

    Standing at a bar for a shot of espresso is a ritual born in the post war era of deprivation Italy. So important and ingrained   is coffee culture in Italy that the government determines the price. That price though is an expression of government regulation and largesse and bears little relationship to profit margins or....

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